EDT Program Leaders

Dr. Susan Mooberry
Susan L. Mooberry, Ph.D.

Susan L. Mooberry, Ph.D. was recruited to the CTRC at UTHSCSA in 2008 to co-Leader the EDT Program. She is a Professor of Pharmacology, with cross appointments in the Departments of Medicine. Dr. Mooberry's research interests are drug discovery and molecular pharmacology. Her primary focus is antimitotics. Using her mechanism based screening program and diverse natural and synthetic chemicals libraries she identified two new classes of microtubule stabilizers and over a dozen new classes of microtubule depolymerizers.

Dr. Mooberry's Contact Information
Office: Room 5.214S Dental Building
Phone: 210-567-4788
Email: Mooberry@uthscsa.edu


Dr. Steven Weitman
Steven Weitman, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Steven Weitman, M.D., Ph.D. joined the CTRC in December 2011 as the Director of the Institute for Drug Development (IDD) and Co-Leader of the EDT program. Dr. Weitman's expertise in pediatrics solidifies the commitment of the EDT program to coordinate with the CTRC members at the Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute to foster basic, translational and clinical studies in cancers affecting children and young adults. In addition to building these activities, Dr. Weitman is leading efforts to develop new therapeutic biomarkers using circulating tumor cells, facilitating the translation of novel therapeutics identified by EDT program members, and building capacity of investigator-initiated clinical trials, first-in-human industry sponsored clinical trials and trials where EDT members have expertise and interest.

Dr. Weitman's Contact Information
Office: Room Z459, CTRC, Zeller Building
Phone: 210-450-1226
Email: weitman@uthscsa.edu