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If you are looking for a clinical trial offered at CTRC, click here for the list of CTRC's Institute for Drug Development cancer trials.

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You may also find clinical trials at the National Cancer Institute website or at

If you are a researcher at the Health Science Center, click here to log in to our I.D.E.A.S. website.

Welcome Message from the Director

Welcome to the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC), a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center and a part of UT Medicine. One of the missions of the CTRC and the associated Institute for Drug Development (IDD) is to provide excellent patient care and accelerate the development of new therapeutics, such as drugs, antibodies, and vaccines, to treat and prevent cancer. Our specialized teams provide personalized therapy and support to you and your family through every step of evaluation and treatment.

CTRC doctors lead a wide range of clinical trials, including "phase I" trials, which are often the first clinical studies for new medications. The conduct of clinical studies is a major responsibility that is carefully regulated at multiple levels; locally by our institutional committees and nationally by the Food and Drug Administration. Our doctors and research personnel will explain in great detail all that is involved in each trial, including procedures and treatment plan, and the potential risks and benefits; they will also serve as your advocate. As our patient, you have the right to choose your treatment after a thorough discussion with your health care providers. We work very hard to ensure that there are available clinical trial options for your type of disease; it is our goal to make breakthrough innovations that will make lives better.

We welcome you to the CTRC as, together, we make great strides against cancer.

With great respect,


Ian Thompson, MD 

Director, CTRC