In Vivo Drug Evaluation

Institute for Drug Development

  • State-Of-The-Art AAALAC Accredited Animal Facility
  • Over 80 Adult and Pediatric Tumor Xenograft Models
  • Syngeneic Models
  • Angiogenesis and Mutation Specific Tumor Models
  • Combination Studies with Conventional Chemotherapeutics
  • Multiple Dosing Schedules and Delivery Protocols
  • Experienced with Small Molecules, Biologicals, Antibody and Antisense Technologies
  • Comprehensive Standard Agent Database with Model-Specific Efficacy and Toxicity Profiles
Institute For Drug Development, laboratory equipment

IDD laboratory personnel have vast experience with human and non-human tumor models that have been used to evaluate a large number of experimental drugs, including small molecules, anti-sense, antibodies, and biologicals. Established protocols to evaluate experimental drugs as single agents or in combination with conventional chemotherapeutic drugs are available. Novel formulations and drug delivery systems can also be investigated using various schedules and routes of delivery including continuous infusion with Alzet pumps. Pharmacodynamic, pharmacogenomic, and biomarker analysis of tumor, blood and tissue can be seamlessly incorporated into the study protocol.

Institute For Drug Development, laboratory worker

Our strategy for evaluating new compounds in vivo is to work closely with the sponsor to develop a protocol to evaluate the anti-tumor activity of an agent under optimal conditions. Under direction from both preclinical and clinical investigators, every effort is made to translate clinical experience into preclinical efficacy evaluation. Once initiated, study data is forwarded weekly to Sponsors and our scientists and technicians are readily available for questions or comments.

An extensive database has been compiled that includes single agent and combination efficacy results with a large number of approved and experimental anticancer agents. This database provides an important perspective for comparing and interpreting results obtained with novel agents.


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