Cabinet Members

The CTRC Cabinet consists of a vital group of individuals and businesses who contribute $1,000 or more annually to support the mission of the Cancer Therapy & Research Center to conquer cancer through research, prevention and treatment.

FY2013 Cabinet Listing

Legacy Circle - ($100,000+)

Bebe Bowen

Inspiration Circle - ($50,000+)

Jodi and Richard Wells

Visionary Circle - ($20,000 +)

Charles Butt
Lori and Mark Wright

Leadership Cirle - ($10,000 + )

Kathey and Robert Anderson Foundation
Checks In the Mail, Inc.

Louree and Bill Greehey

Patty and Bob Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Joe N. Haynes

Rose Marie and John L. Hendry, III

Karen and Ronald Herrmann

Margie and Bill Klesse

Marian B. Oppenheimer

Gary V. Woods

Director's Circle ($5,000 + )

Anonymous Wilma and Thomas F. Boyd
Mary and Steve Brook Pam and Art Burdick
Nancy and Charlie Cheever Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Embrey, Jr.
Freddy Randall Hiley Sandi and Bob Kolitz
Karen and Sam Mitts Harris K. and Lois G. Oppenheimer Foundation
Kathi and John Oppenheimer Camilla and Bill Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Rosenberg The Arch and Stella Rowan Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs, Jon H. Smith Donna and Ian M. Thompson. Jr.

Sustainer's Circle ($2,500 + )

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Balthrope Beverly and Mike Birnbaum
Donna Block Terry and Russell Davis
Lori and Gene Dawson Judy and Lang Glotfelty
Valerie and Jack Guenther Lindsay and Jack Guenther, Jr.
Sally Halff Karen Heintz
Mary and Bill Henrich Karen and Tim Hixon
Abigail and George Kampmann Nancy and Ed Kelley
Colette M. Kohler, MD Mike Manuppelli
Jan and Bob Marbut Debbie and John T. Montfond
Carl F. Raba, Jr. Ann and Tom Ransdell
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rushing Pat and Marcy Stehling
Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Weitman Mrs. Cathy Raba Turcotte Wolfe and Mr. Robert H. Wolfe
Karen Lee and David Zachry

Partner's Circle ($1,000 + )

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Alderete, Jr.
Barbara and Wayne Alexander Lorraine and Curt Anastasio
Mr. Carl J. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson
Valerie and Jack Guenther Lindsay and Jack Guenther, Jr.
Anonymous J.R. Avant
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Banack, Jr. Ann Barshop
Louise and Michael Beldon Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Biggs
Linda and Stanley Blend Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bolner
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton J. Bolner Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon P. Braverman
Louise and Mike Burke Paula and Jim Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Calvert Dean Charles E. Cantu
Judy and Jimmy Cavender Charley and Bob Cook
Taliaferro Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cowan, Jr.
Margaret and Bill Crow Dr. and Mrs. Richard Crownover
Dr. and Mrs. Anatolio B. Cruz, Jr. Lynn Finesilver Crystal
Dr. and Mrs. Dick B. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Randall K. Davis Mary and Gene Dawson
June Marie Day Helene and Alex DePeralta
Judge Preston H. Dial, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Z. Dubinski, Sr.
Adele and Steve Dufilho Thomas H. Edson
Kris and Jim Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rojas Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Evans, Jr. Renee Flores
William E. Fox, Jr. Dr. Kelley L. Frost and Mr. Pat Frost
Sylvia and Steve Garza Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Goebel
Dr. and Mrs. Roy R. Gonzalez, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gorman
Cosmo F. Guido Gail and Bob Gurwitz
Mindi Alterman and Glenn Halff Hannah Foundation
Carolyn H. and Houston H. Harte Dot and Roger Hemminghaus
Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott Henderson Lynne and Peter Hennessey
James Hockstadt, Jr. Anne Holt and C.D. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Holt, Jr. Raquel and Leonard Holzman
Colonel (Ret.) and Mrs. Byron P. Howlett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Glenn Huddleston
Kathy and Bill Johnson Anne Johnston
Janet Annabelle Jones Laurie and Michael Kaplan
Roxana and Jerry Kelfer Joan and Herbert Kelleher
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kennedy, Sr. Lisa and Ed Kopplow
Bonnie and John Korbell Michael L. Kreager
Barbara C. Kyse Carolyn and Joe Labatt
Judith R. Lachman Lamda Construction I, Ltd.
Martha Polan Landsman Dr. and Mrs. William Ross Lawler
Sarah and Milton Lee Andreae and Charles LeMaistre
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Lepick, Jr. Rong Li, PhD
Janey Briscoe Marmion Peggy and Lowry Mays
Edith McAllister Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. McArthur
Charline and Red McCombs Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McGaughy, Sr. Yona and Tom McNish
Judy and Palmer Moe Terrie and Jamie Musselman
Dr. and Mrs. Claude L. Nabers Jan and Frank Newton
Phil Norman Margie and Sam O'Krent
Sue Oppenheimer Sheri and Manny Ortiz
Our Lady of the Lake University Judy and Seymour Palans
Leo F. Perron, Jr. Susan and Allen Pierce
Jane Cheever Powell and Tom Powell Amelie and David Ramirez
Judy and Spencer Redding Katie and Jim Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Itzhak Reichman R-J Turner Properties, LLC
Andrea F. Rodriguez Jill and Bobby Rosenthal
Jane and Jimmy Satel Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Schlosberg, III
Sybil Ann Schmidt Lisa and Kelly Sechler
Smart City Networks, LP Mr. Mitchell W. Kaliff and Mr. Bruce Smiley-Kaliff
Lynn and Samuel Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stehling
Cindy and Tom Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Harris Sterling
Patricia G. Steves Nana and Julian Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Stribling Ruth Eilene Sullivan
Dr. Luhze Sun Nancy and Vernon Torgerson
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan O. Tramer Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Traylor
Dr. Sandra and Mr. Dale Tremblay Suzanne and Dick Wade
Geoffrey and Martha Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Wender
Lurlene G. Willis Dolores and Jack Willome
Ellis M. Wilson, Jr. Lucy Reid Wilson
Esther Wong Wong Family Enterprises Ltd
Sandra and Carl Wulfe Dr. and Mrs. James William Yancy
Patsy and John Yantis Don and Wanda York