Preclinical Research

Institute for Drug Development

Institute For Drug Development, Preclinical Research

The goal of the IDD's Preclinical Research department is to provide quality research core services to our NCI-designated cancer center investigators as well as conducting direct collaborations with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry and other academic institutions with a focus on accelerating the development of new anticancer approaches.

The preclinical research team screens experimental compounds using both cell and tumor-based assays. Our experienced researchers provide support and assistance in lead compound identification and proof of principle studies. In addition, our experience with standard agents along with an extensive database of efficacy and toxicity profiles for approved chemotherapeutics allows detailed evaluation of novel agents in combination with standard therapeutic regimens. A number of experimental therapeutics currently undergoing clinical investigation was first identified in preclinical efficacy screens performed at the IDD. Moreover, we have assisted past sponsors in the development of some of the most important oncology drugs being utilized in the clinic today.

The IDD is funded by NCI grants, other public and private grants, and pharmaceutical industry contracts. Although IDD is an academic, non-profit research organization, we are organized and managed along standard business lines. We understand timelines and cost control, as well as the importance of accurate, quality assured data, dedicated investigators, and proprietary issues such as protection of confidential information and intellectual property rights.