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Institute For Drug Development, Clinical Research

The CTRC Institute for Drug Development (IDD) clinical research division conducts clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. The IDD has been one of several institutions in the United States to receive funding from the National Cancer Institute to conduct Phase I clinical trials using new anti-cancer drugs. The purpose of these trials is to learn more about the new anti-cancer drugs, which have been extensively studied in the laboratory but are only just beginning to be used in humans. These clinical trials are designed to answer important questions about the safety, effectiveness and side effects of these agents when they are administered as a treatment for cancer.

The scope and capacity of clinical research at the IDD is indicated by the clinical facilities based in and around San Antonio participating in its core activities. Our clinical trial infrastructure is truly unique, enabling treatment of hundreds of new patients each year on research-intensive Phase I and II studies, yet we understand the importance of timely and accurate data, data integrity and patient safety. While we focus on first-in-human Phase I studies, we also have extensive experience with multi-arm Phase Ib, organ dysfunction (liver and renal), bioequivalence, food effect, drug-drug interaction, QTc interval studies, and studies with extensive pharmacology and pharmacogenomic-guided designs. Many recently-approved oncology drugs underwent early preclinical and clinical development at the IDD.

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John Sarantopoulos, MD
Director, Phase I Program
CTRC Institute for Drug Development
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