Research Programs

The CTRC has three interactive research programs leading the charge to cure cancer. Each program has a unique focus on different aspects of cancer research.

Experimental and Developmental Therapeutics (EDT)
The Experimental and Developmental Therapeutics (EDT) program is focused on improving the therapy of cancer through innovative preclinical and clinical research. The activities within this program span the range of experimental and developmental therapeutics from initial target discovery to regulatory approval for new treatments.

Cancer Development and Progression (CDP)
The Cancer Development and Progression (CDP) program has evolved from the refinement of essential elements of several cancer center programs. The major thematic areas in this program are: (1) Genomic Integrity and Aging, (2) Hormone Actions and Chronic Inflammation.

Cancer Prevention and Population Science (CPPS)
The Cancer Prevention and Population Science (CPPS) program and its prevention-focused, multidisciplinary researchers are focused on collaborative, evidence-based, translational cancer prevention and control research that covers the entire cancer continuum—primary prevention, screening and early detection, laboratory research, clinical trials, clinical applications, diagnosis and treatment, quality of life and survivorship—among the region's predominantly Latino population.