When a person hears a diagnosis of cancer, priorities change. Suddenly your biggest concern is how do I get through this?

The first order of business is deciding where to get help. There's much to consider:

  • Who specializes in treating this disease?
  • Will I have to travel to a different city to get top-notch care?
  • Will the doctors care how I want to approach my cancer?
  • What if I want to investigate nontraditional treatments?
  • How will I manage this fear and anxiety? Or the pain?
  • Can I find a place where I'm more than just a name on a file?
  • How will I find out if there are new treatments or new drugs?
  • How can I learn to live with this?

Making that first decision is empowering but making it isn't always easy. At the Cancer Therapy & Research Center, we want patients to know exactly who we are, what we do, and how we do it. That way, you can make an informed decision that will affect not only you, but also your family and others around you.

Cancer Therapy & Research Center

First of all, we believe in treating the whole person - the body, the mind, and the spirit. And the patient and his or her wishes remain the focus of every recommendation we make and every step we take. Our approach ensures that every single person at CTRC is concerned with your health and well-being.

Second, our expertise guarantees that you can access physician specialists who will collaborate to design a treatment plan that best suits your goals. Designated as a center of excellence by the National Cancer Institute, CTRC also can offer many breakthrough therapies unavailable anywhere else through the Phase I clinical studies of our Institute for Drug Development. We have Phase II/III studies, as well.

Our care plans are personalized and our care is personal. When you choose CTRC to provide your cancer care, you will receive the best treatment medicine can offer and the compassionate support to see it through.